After many requests, I’m excited to be accepting a limited number of guitar students again!


Who is this Dave Blair guitar teacher guy?


Hi fellow guitar lover!  Well, I have been playing guitar professionally and teaching for over 25 years.  I've done 100+ gigs a year in casinos, clubs, bars, resorts, weddings, and festivals for the last 15 years with my own bands as well as a hired gun for many bands.  I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by and performing with some truly talented and inspiring musicians over the years and am excited at the prospect of passing on all that I have learned to others who share the same love of music. 


So you want to be a better player...


Whatever your goals are, just having a fun hobby to impress your friends, jamming with friends, or gigging professionally I am excited by the opportunity to help you grow and achieve those goals.  With proper direction, if you have the passion for it and are willing to put the focus and time in, there is nothing stopping you from getting there. 


I also run multiple open mics, so one goal I like to have for students that are interested is to take specific songs they’ve worked on in their lesson and give them a chance to play them live with my band.  For many, playing live is a lifelong goal and I get satisfaction from guiding players so they can grow into someone who can either jam with friends, confidently perform at an open mic, or even make good money playing professionally with their own band!


Do I need to learn boring theory?


Of course, like any good teacher, I teach music “Theory”, along with ear training, picking and fingerstyle technique, groove and timing, songwriting, etc. but I’d like to point out that what many people call boring “Theory” is not really about memorizing scales and chords.  That is a simply means to an end.  Music is a language.  Once you know some of the key building blocks, understanding and conversing in the same language as your favorite artists becomes second nature after a while.  It is more about things such as hearing a favorite song, understanding why it sounds the way it does and being able to add that to your vocabulary.  This is a big part of what people talk about when they say they have been influenced by other artists.  It is a wonderful and more and more liberating musical experience the more you develop these skills.  Being able to hear a song once and understand what’s going on, play it back and improvise over it sometimes almost feels like a superpower, a lot of fun and not boring at all!  Lol. 


What else can you help me with?


In addition to guitar I can also integrate instruction in other related areas such as songwriting, singing while playing, recording and mixing, booking gigs, getting the best out of your gear, live performance, how to run a live PA, running efficient band rehearsals, etc.  Pretty much anything that you might need to know when it comes to making the most out of performing music in the real world.


What genres do you teach?


I mainly focus on genres such as Rock, Blues, Funk, R&B, Folk, Metal & Country.  


How do I know who the right teacher is for me?


My recommendation for anyone looking for the right teacher is to call a few, talk to them about your goals, musical interests, etc. and see if you even click with that person and their teaching style.  Then take a couple of trial lessons from different teachers.  Many give discounts for trial lessons.  If a certain teacher inspires you, helps you progress then of course you’ll want to keep going.  Not all teachers are created equal or necessarily the right fit for your goals and learning style.  I’ve had many teachers but I can only think of a couple that were true mentors that made me the player I am today.  If I could be that for you I would be honored for the opportunity.


How do I get started on my guitar journey?


Just give me a call.  Chatting about guitar is always fun and I'm happy to answer any questions and if you feel like moving forward we can setup a trial lesson and start having some fun learning guitar and take it from there, no pressure.


So why can't I just take lessons on Youtube?


Actually, I love YouTube lessons.  When I was starting out we had Guitar Magazines, books and maybe a VHS lesson tape we could rent.  It's a great resource to compliment any lesson program.  But YouTube can't give you feedback on what you are doing right or wrong.  YouTube can't track your progress and adjust your plan based on your strengths weaknesses and interests.  YouTube can't have a real world conversation about your musical goals, frustrations, and respond with suggestions on how to work through them.  I've learned a lot from many sources but a couple of mentors were integral to making me the player I am today.  Even Michael Jordan needed a coach and Mike Tyson needed a trainer.  If you are serious about making the most out of your playing then a real live mentor that has been there and can work through the challenges with you is the way to go.  




  • $40 / 30 min
  • Mention this page and get first lesson 25% OFF!


  • Lessons are held in my home studio in Jersey City Heights
  • Lessons through Skype are also available
  • Schedule permitting, I can sometimes accommodate lessons at your home at a charge of an additional $40 per lesson if within 25 min travel time