Musical/recording/groove tip of the day. If you hit the one in the pocket you can be really play loose on all the other beats and give it a cool push pull vibe. Listen to the Stones. Also dynamics, and note values, all play a critical part in the groove. Stacatto, legatto, louds and softs to all create movement to the One. Listen to Michael Jackson or James Brown. When you cut the note off makes as big difference to the groove as when you come in. Most lessons don't teach this stuff but it's the difference between the men and the boys.  Once you learn your scales and chords and can play, this is the real stuff, how to make the music come alive, how to really sing and express with your chosen instrument.  But you can only get it by playing your 10,000 hours live.  Cuz it's a human thing.  You learn to be human by living, you learn to play human by playing live.  I don't see too many people with maturity and nuance until they are playing for 20+ years seriously.  Now Jeff Beck, Andy Timmons are a couple of great examples.  All the greats on any instrument.