I’ve found that in life, the anticipation of getting hit is usually worse than the actually bruises themselves. 
Especially in the long run if it prevents you from living your life fully. 

That realization has been quite liberating, so I try to capture that sentiment when writing about life.  About how life can give you challenges but getting through them, although painful, makes you stronger and wiser! 

For example the song “Nothin” was a way of constantly reminding myself about getting knocked down then getting up with even more determination and perseverance.  Once  you’ve been knocked down and bled and come through it, you realize it’s nothing to be afraid of. You realize that getting scrapes and bruises just comes with the territory of pursuing your dreams and you just gotta take the hits and keep moving forward.  Hence the name of the album ‘Not Afraid to Bleed’. 

“In Love With You” was another very personal tune.  You can probably hear the tears on the page, but in the end we all have to pick up and move on, which it what “Blameless” is about.  You could say that writing that album was a form of therapy.  Some have therapy, others write songs.  Others connect to a personal story in a song because they relate to the same loves lost, life struggles, losses, inspirations and perseverance.  In relating to this we often get some of that same therapeutic value all while singing along at the same time.  Thats a win win!  I remember one time when I was just so down and heartbroken because some woman had essentially played me for a fool.  It made me feel like I was the only one that this had ever happened to.  Until the classic song “Everybody Plays the Fool” came on the radio and I though, Yea, I guess Everyone plays the fool sometime!   It actually did make me feel better and put things into perspective while also providing something I could sing along to in the car.  Kind of a magical way of changing your mood and perspective on life all at once.  This outlook is what I try to ultimately portray in the hopes that my stories leave the listener at least with a fresh perspective in their own life stories. 

I’ve seen listeners post quotes from my tunes on my Facebook feed and also tell me the lines in a certain song summed up something they went through.  Of course, from my experience, the more personal, the more universal.  One common comment I’ve gotten often has been the fact that the lyrics are personal and real.  We need more Real in todays world.  In our music, in our relationships and society as a whole. 

Now you may love my tunes or hate them but they do come from a real and personal place and a love of music, and that’s about all anyone can do.